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Distinctive Location
Unose is a sanctuary where the "Omizuokuri" ritual is held every year on March 2 to send water to the Nigatsudo Hall of Todaiji Temple in Nara.
Saba Kaido Rest Area “Suketaro”
Rest area
A resting place that anyone can feel free to use.
Goza Rock
Distinctive Location
This is a sacred rock where a deity is said to have slid down on a goza (straw mat).
Jizo of the pond
Distinctive Location
On the stone pedestal of the “Jizo of the Pond” it is engraved that this well was dug in February, 1760. Even though this well is located on a ridge at an altitude of about 700 meters, the water never runs dry throughout the year.
Shikobuchi Shrine
Distinctive Location
Shikobuchi is the guardian deity of raft riders and is unique to the area between Onyudani and Kuta.
Lake Biwa Observation Deck
Distinctive Location
Lake Biwa and its opposite shore can be seen below.
Kurama-dera Temple
Distinctive Location
This temple is associated with the legendary samurai Minamoto no Yoshitsune and the mythical trickster figure known as Tengu.
Municipal Forest (Ninotani) Management Building
Rest area
Toilets are provided.
Some water continues to flow from the faucet, but it is mountain water, so use it to wash your hands and face.
Kutsuki Onsen Tenku
This hot spring facility has an open-air bath, a heated swimming pool, and a restaurant.
Take a bus toward Kutsuki from the Koiriya bus stop.
Kominka Cocco Koiriya
This inn is limited to one couple per day.
Enjoy an authentic Saba Kaido experience at this 150-year-old old folk house, that was built in the Edo period.
Hisanoya Guest House
This inn has a calm home-like atmosphere. You can enjoy “satoyama” village meals such as chicken hot pot and wild boar hot pot for dinner.

Overnight stay without meals: 4,000 yen
Overnight stay with dinner: from 9,000 yen